The 2020 Football & Cheer Season Is Here

Practice Days are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 5:45pm

At Trezevant High School

MBI PAL Additional COVID-19 Guidelines

  • All parents and participants must go through the proper registration process:
  • There are 2 tables to accommodate the process
    • Table 1- COVID Temperature/Mask Table

Temperatures of both parents & participants will be taken and recorded. At this point those needing mask will be issued a mask before moving forward to the next station.


  • Table 2-Registration Table

Participants information will be taken and parents will sign COVID-19 waivers. Once all information needed is received the participant will be walked out to the field by a MBI PAL personnel.


  • There will be a 3rd table that will serve as a water table that will be manned by a MBI PAL personnel. Proper social distancing lines will be painted by the table for guidance. Each participant will be using separate disposable cups for which will be discarded immediately upon use regardless if empty or not.


(For everyone’s protection each table will be equipped with a plastic table shield.)


  • In this initial phase there will be no communal use of any equipment.


  • All MBI PAL personnel (coaches, team moms, staff, etc.) are required to wear masks at all time.


  • To ensure proper 6ft. social distancing there will be 9 participants to each coach and those grouped will be maintained throughout the RTP phases.


  • Important to note that once properly registered, parents are not to enter the field. Only assigned MBI PAL personnel will be allowed on the field.

MBI PAL 2020 Schedule