Bear Den Booster Club

What helps to make such a great community?

Our parent volunteers of course!

MBI PAL takes great pride in its tremendous parent volunteer support. You can meet new people, learn new things, and truly make a difference! We hope that the following information will help you find a role and answer your questions concerning MBI PAL’s volunteer effort through the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB.

Introduction & Overview

MBI PAL is a wonderful community because of its extensive parental support and the volunteer contributions of people just like you! Role descriptions for BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Executive Officers & Coordinators are on the following pages. To get you started, here are some frequently asked questions:


What BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Executive Officer positions are available?

BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Executive Officer positions are open to any MBI PAL parent and does not require previous Executive Officer or BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB experience. If you are interested in a BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Executive Officer position for the upcoming term, you should contact the current Booster Club President or any Booster Club Executive Officer prior to the Late-June Election meeting. The official term of Executive Officers shall be from July 1st to Jun 30th of each calendar year.

Active Executive Board Members Positions


Vice President





Nomination Day: Last Thursday of June of each calendar year

Election Day:  First Thursday of July each calendar year

The Official Term of Office: July 1st, to June 30th , of each calendar year


How are BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Executive Officer positions filled?

Any paid member in good standing can run for a Booster Club Executive Officer position. Any member interested in holding an office for the coming term shall be nominated and voted upon at the July Grand Board meeting.  The current Executive Officers will also help in soliciting nominees for each (open) Booster Club Executive Officer and Committee Chair position and will present a slate of candidates to the membership at the June Grand Board Nominations Meeting.

Executive Officer elections are conducted at the monthly Grand Board Meeting which is held the first Thursday of July and each month.

How are BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Committee Chair positions filled?

Once the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Executive Officers are elected for the upcoming term, they will begin seeking individuals to fill Committee Chair roles. If you are interested in a BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Committee Chair position for the upcoming term, you should talk to a member of the outgoing or incoming Bears Den Booster Club.

What are the basic and shared job responsibilities of Executive Officers and Committee Chairs?

  • Aid in Fundraising at the highest-level
  • Help to recruit and train successor
  • Keep binders up-to-date; maintain good files
  • Attend BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB meetings as often as possible

What are the basic job responsibilities of Executive Officers and Committee Chairs?

All of the above, plus:

  • Attend Booster Club Meetings scheduled as often as possible throughout the term
  • Act as liaison between the President, other Elected Executive Officers and those Committee Chairs who fall in to your subject area (e.g. VP needs to serve as liaison between BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Members /President and chairs of all events).

What kind of files should I keep?

It is a great help if you create and/or audit a binder for your position and to have a short orientation when you hand it over to your successor. An ideal binder contains a summary of the position, a calendar or timeline for your job or event, your budget, vendors used, ideas you tried and liked or didn’t like, flyers you created, feedback you received, and anything else you think would help your successor to get a good start.


Booster Club Executive Officers Role Descriptions


Busiest Times of Year: Busiest at the beginning of the term but flattens out after summer sponsorship drive; additional special projects as desired.

  • Serve as Chairperson of the Board
  • Preside at all meetings
  • Supervise all Committee Chairs and volunteers to manage the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB tab on MBI PAL’s website:
  • Review with Grand Board all overall objectives and strategies of the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB at monthly meetings.
  • Act as liaison between the Grand Board, parents and staff; inform Officers, Committee Chairs and members of all intended functions for the term
  • Discuss planned events during the term with Grand Board, Executive Officers and Booster Club Members
  • Recruit or solicit BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Committee Chairs
  • Create agenda for secretary preparation and preside over monthly BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB meetings (1st Thursday of every month)
  • Facilitate BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB board planning meetings (as needed)
  • Chair the budgeting committee and actively manage the annual budget
  • Represent or direct representative to speak at events to promote the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB and solicit membership
  • Take an active role as the (Primary Fundraiser Lead) volunteering at least 1 Monday per month

Vice-President – Fundraising & Membership

Busiest Times of Year: fundraising events, Kroger, Team Banner, Business Program Ads, Participant Ads etc.

  • Assist the President in all functions, coordinate committee meetings, and oversight Preside at all meetings and events in the absence of the President
  • Recruit and support of all committee chairs for key fund-raising events
  • Continue to monitor success of fund-raisers and to recommend changes to fund raising objectives and strategies of MBI PAL.
  • Take an active role as the (Primary Fundraiser Lead) volunteering at least 1
  • Monday per month, Lead ID Badge Membership Drive, including sales of other merchandise items at games, events, and Booster Club Meetings
  • Recruit and support of all committee chairs for membership drive opportunities

Secretary – Recording and Communicating

Busiest Times of Year: Following each BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB meeting

  • Assist the President in the administration and management of the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB page-
  • Publicize all BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB events
  • Works closely with the President in updating web information and site management
  • Works closely with the administrators in ensuring that all the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB events are posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Constant Contact, GroupMe, and other outlets as needed
  • Work closely with the President in creating the agenda for monthly BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB meetings
  • Take minutes at BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB meetings. Forward to President for review, and then submit minutes for inclusion on website and on bulletin boards.
  • Keep all records of the minutes of meetings
  • Aid Vice President and Membership Coordinator in updating and maintaining the Membership list
  • Take an active role as the (Primary Fundraiser Lead) volunteering at least 1 Monday per month
  • Keep records of programs and events at MBI PAL
  • Take photos of all events when possible and post on all social media outlets
  • Tracks volunteer hours
  • Assist the President in creating flyers when possible


Busiest Times of Year: Beginning of the year due to learning curve; some summer work steady workload throughout the year

  • Collect all membership dues and donations from parents and members.
  • With the Booster Club President, Grand Board President, the (Primary Fundraiser Lead) and the Organization Director, generate the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB budget.
  • Assist the Director and CPA in preparing the annual tax return.
  • Aid Booster Club President with informing committees with staying abreast of budgeted funds.
  • Prepare checks to pay bills and reimbursements as required.
  • Oversee ongoing BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB finances, ensure adherence to approved
  • Prepare and present statement of cash flows for each BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB meeting.
  • Record deposits that come into the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB.
  • Send donor acknowledgement letters, as necessary.

Parliamentarian – Concession Stand

Busiest Times of Year: Fall Football and Cheer Events, Spring Sports, Spring Track Event

  • Assist the President as needed, coordinate committee meetings, and oversight
  • Recruit and support of all Committee Chairs for concession stand
  • Set Concession Stand Schedule throughout the year coordinating with the Parent/ Team Mom Representative to ensure appropriate coverage
  • Maintain an e-mail distribution list of parents, team members, coaches, and volunteers
  • Manage Inventory, revenues and expenses associated with concession stand
  • Work with the Treasurer to assure appropriate checks and balances are in place


Committee Coordinator Descriptions (Appointed)

Membership Coordinator: Responsibilities entails selling BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB memberships, building your committee, coordinating the annual membership appeal and all aspects of the season passes for the year. This includes ordering passes, selling passes at the beginning of each year, keeping record of season pass holders and collecting money.

Nominating/Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating volunteers with the team representative for all events. This may include gate, concessions, apparel sales, recruitment events, etc. Create sign-up genius for different events. Locate core Bingo fundraiser volunteers with the expectation of volunteering of 1-2 Mondays per month for the season. This coordinator is also tasked with coordinating the development and revision of organizational job descriptions, the nomination, enlistment and election of new board members and all other annual volunteer enlistment activities.

Fundraising Coordinator: Assist the vice president with coordinating fundraising events. Along with the Kroger Fundraiser and (primary fundraiser), these are the life line of our Booster Club. These are a huge part of our fundraising needs and help is always needed. Responsible for ALL fundraising activities associated with the teams and to help identify new potential donors, organizes initiatives to solicit funding and collection of money.

Ads/ Sponsorship Coordinator: Task with coordinating an annual appeal to businesses for sponsorship and/or advertising support. Also maintaining sponsors and approaching new businesses, ordering and displaying banquet book ads, game day banners, invitations for sponsor’s appreciation event and sponsorship recognition.

Apparel/Merchandise Coordinator: Tasked with identifying, procurement, promotion, and sales of “Bear Wear” merchandise. Also works with staff and coaches to ensure adequate apparel choices.

Concessions Coordinator: Responsible for handling all aspects of ordering needed supplies, pricing, collection of money, ensure concessions is opened on time for all games and work closely with volunteer coordinator to ensure adequate manning of concessions. Assist the Parliamentarian with being a core member of the Concession Committee

Parent/Team Mom Coordinator: Communicating with the Team Moms to have all parents enlisted as ACTIVE MEMBERS of the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB. Also act as a liaison between the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB Officers, Committees, and individual parents to communicate BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB needs regarding parent volunteering, team needs and desires regarding BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB funding.

Communication/Media Coordinator: Responsibilities include developing and maintaining the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB website link, developing the homecoming program booklet, publishing the regular or in-season e-newsletter via Constant Contact, publishing the year-end annual report and honor roll of donors. Also create public relations and marketing materials such as press releases, social media post, and newsletters.

Alumni Coordinator: Responsibilities include seeking alumni and parents of alumni to form a BEARS alumni association and participate in the BEARS DEN BOOSTER CLUB using social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) to keep alumni aware of what is happening. The Alumni Coordinator will create an annual alumni game and/or day at the game event and an annual Hall of Fame breakfast, brunch, luncheon or dinner. Create and maintain a list of alumni for future references.

Activities Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating all youth and parent activities. As well as implement and coordinate recreational and educational activities for participants. Create and submit tracking report of activities programs. Work collectively with other staff to address obstacles in participation, disciplinary issues, and/or safety concerns. The Activities Committee is also tasked with coordinating various activities involving current parents and youth participants including your annual orientation meeting, youth day at the game, Movie Night, Pink-Out event, Trunk-a-Treat, Theme Nights, flags, banners, year-end Awards Banquet, and more . Also is tasked with coordinating the compilation of a contact list for youth program participants and their parents. The Activities Coordinator and the Activities Committee is also tasked with coordinating the staffing of various activities and events during homecoming such as ticket sales, program sales or distribution helpers, merchandise sales attendants, concession stand workers, etc.

Bears Den Booster Club Membership