Our Program

Youth Academy of Dreams (YAOD) is a non-profit organization devoted to ensuring youth reach their full potential by serving as a vehicle to foster excellence. We believe that every child is given unique gifts that can be best actualized when given the proper tools and guidance. We offer after school and summer programs to keep little bodies active and minds learning year-round. Our program provides various components to assist youth in becoming intelligent well-rounded individuals with good character and a desire to succeed.  Well also seek to close the achievement gap and prevent juvenile crime.


The Education Program promotes academic proficiency and intellectual growth through specialized individual and group learning. We employ experienced educators who are dedicated to helping students excel. Students’ grades and conduct will be reviewed at the beginning and end of each reporting period. This allows YAOD to track their grades and conduct and assist in areas that need improvement. We believe that homework assistance, tutoring, and mentoring can have a positive effect on academic performance and conduct. YAOD may require written consent from the parent to access school info, if needed, to further assist the child academically.


The Mentoring Program connects youth with experienced and caring men and women who encourage positive choices and healthy social interactions. This will help lay the proper foundation for adulthood and enable youth to become successful and productive members of society. All mentors must complete an application and consent to a background check before they are allowed to interact with YAOD students.


The Discovery Clubs Program introduces youth to new and exciting experiences that encourage them to explore the world around them, seek knowledge, and improve their overall outlook.


The Sports Program allows youth to channel their energy through physical activity while developing athletic skills that promote teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. We have over nine sports that choose students can participate in at various times throughout the year. They include football, cheerleading, baseball, tennis, track and field, volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, and swimming.


Our Intervention Program introduces behavioral management, community service and interpersonal skills for youth with minor offenses.


The Healthy Lifestyles Program at MBI is designed to provide healthy snacks and meals as established by the USDA. MBI serves 2 snacks and 2 meals during the Summer months and a snack and dinner during the school year for afterschool. Using surveys and focus groups from past and present parents, along with serving USDA approved meals, MBI also introduces the children to healthy food choices. Together these activities will help ensure the children are receiving and maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and defeat Childhood Obesity in our community.